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Annual Conference

What is that?

Once a year, 50 delegates from our five member associations meet for the members' or annual conference. The migrant organizations with their statutory seat in a federal state elect and send 10 delegates each by joint resolution.

Annual Conference 2021

The Annual Conference 2021 took place from September 17 to 18 in Berlin. Not only, but also due to this year's Bundestag elections, the issue of voting rights for people without German citizenship was a focus of the conference.

Thus, board member Rea Mauersberger said in her welcoming speech on the first day of the conference, among other things: "The participation of marginalized groups is a basic prerequisite for a plural democracy," and she warned that migration was just being used increasingly again to divert attention from societal problems.
Other major topics of the conference were the possibilities of making migrants living in East Germany visible and talking about experiences of racism.

Here you can read the complete conference report (only in German): DaMOst Jahreskonferenz 2021_Bericht (*.pdf-Datei, 915 KB)

Here you can also find the program of the Annual Conference 2021 (only in German): DaMOst Jahreskonferenz 2021_Programmablauf (*.pdf-Datei, 739 KB)

Annual Conference 2020

In 2020, our annual conference took place on October 16-17 at the State Chancellery of Brandenburg in Potsdam. You can read the report of the event here (only in German):

DaMOst-Jahreskonferenz 2020 - Tagungsbericht (*.pdf-Datei, 945 KB)