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Political Demands

Democracy Promotion Act

The planned Democracy Promotion Act is intended to help provide long-term funding for projects that are committed to combating misanthropy, for example to support victims of political violence or to prevent racism. The BMFSFJ (Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth) and BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) have published a discussion paper on this. On March 20, 2022, we published a statement on what still needs to be improved from the perspective of East German migrants.

Demokratiefördergesetz_Stellungnahme von DaMOst zu… (*.pdf-Datei, 408 KB)

Federal Election 2021

Call for the federal and state elections 2021: Refuse racist and nationalist parties!

Aufruf zu bevorstehenden Wahlen 2021 (*.pdf-Datei, 298 KB)

Germany is a divided immigration country!

Deutschland_ist_ein_geteiltes_Einwanderungsland_86… (*.pdf-Datei, 516 KB)